My first Experiences with 8th Edition.

Hey there wargamers, today I would like to talk about my experience thus far with Warhammer 40K 8th Edition.

We received our store copy of Dark Imperium a week ago and have unboxed the game and played a full game of 8th Edition. We also went over the rules for 8th Edition, and you can check that out in the two part video on our YouTube channel.

Before that though, I would like to talk a bit about my experience playing 8th Edition thus far and give everyone an insight into what perhaps to expect, that said, please keep in mind that I have only played one game of 8th Edition and this could also largely just be my opinion on certain mechanics and abhorrence to change, that said opinions away, weapons free.

So we decided to play a game of 1000 pts each, Shas’Vre Steve of course, played his Tau, and I went with building an Imperial Fists list. Now, this is where my first criticism of 8th Ed really jumps out, and that is the Indices. Flipping through the Imperial 1 index felt extremely laborious and unnecessary as it did not seem to be in the slightest bit tested for user experience. When you have to look up at the back of the book a unit base point cost, then flip elsewhere for wargear costs, and then back to the front of the book ALL JUST TO write down the profiles,…it felt completely unnecessary. Make sure you have some post-its or buy a box full of bookmarks because you are going to need them. Now I have seen others decry this as people being “cry babies”, but it honestly just seems not very well thought out organization.

Next, once we had our army lists compiled each of us decided to take a “Battalion Detachment”. Now, what this means for our army is that we can take two HQ’s, 3 troop choices, I took two fast attacks, and a devestator squad as elites, leaving all of the weapons as heavy bolters to keep it simple, and leaving my assault marines with bolt pistols and chain swords. 1000 pts of matched play was VERY limiting, so again, this could just be, our experience with not knowing how to really math hammer out the best army, but I digress.

Now that we had all of that completed, we were ready to deploy and choose zones etc, all pretty straight forward roll offs and such, seizing the initiative is still present, which I was able to do, thankfully. Had I not, I am fairly sure his commander, fire warriors, and broadside and devil fish would have tabled me turn 1. Now with 8th edition, you have to leave HALF of your army on the board, no more starting with a lot of things in reserve, I kept two drop pods in reserve one with a tactical squad and one with a devastator squad. Long story short, when the drop pods came in, they had to be 9” away from the enemy which was extremely frustrating trying to put them on the back lines behind his gun line and suits, the men disembarking also had to be 9in away. Eventually I had surrounded his broadside with two squads of assault marines, which have been nerfed to chainswords giving an additional attack to a base attack of 1, sarge at base attack 2. So instead of 15 attacks per squad, it is actually just 11 attacks per squad, and out of 66 attacks over three turns, that broadside with it’s 2+ save and 6 wounds was only HALF DEAD!!!!

Tell me what you think of the rules we go over, and I will be posting an edited condensed video of the battle report. I would also be curious to know what everyone’s thoughts are on the fact that you cannot put Dreadnoughts in Drop pods any longer, sound off. And in my personal opinion, wait to play marines until you get a codex for your chapter. Until next time, Emperor be with you,

=][=nquisitor Nathan

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