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BCP Player App & 8th Edition the Perfect Pair

Greetings! Our team at Best Coast Pairings has been working hard to bring you, our Tournament Organizers and Players, the best tools ever for your gaming experience. Our community is a bunch of highly competitive, great people who have given us awesome feedback about the experience we offer. As we have found out, if you are part of this group, you want to know everything you can as it happens: Which locations are having events? Who is winning? What are they winning with? We’ve got great news! Just in time for the 8th edition of Warhammer 40k we are officially launching the Best Coast Pairings Player App Subscription.

Your BCP subscription gives you access to all of the data, past and present, in the BCP system. Lists, scores, factions, placings, all the data you could want to dig into to find the secrets of unlocking the meta. Traveling for a big event? Check out the lists the local players are using, see who has been winning and what they won with. As we move into 8th edition this data becomes even more powerful! Access to this vast well of knowledge for all of our game systems is only $5 a month, or sign up for a year for $50 (and save $10)! But wait, there’s more.


The Best Coast Pairings Player App will continue to function exactly as it does now regardless of whether you’re a subscriber or not while you are at an event. Heading to an event with your new army? Subscribers will get access to the BCP points system with points redeemable for exclusive discounts to BCP ticketed events and soon your favorite retailers. Earn points for being a member and earning achievements like going to events and submitting lists.


Use the Player App to watch the last few tournaments of 7th Edition, get your tickets to upcoming events, and get ready for 8th. Download the BCP Player App for iOS or Android and you can sign up in the app or follow the link here: Best Coast Pairings Player App Subscription

If you are a TO contact us at the email below for exclusive BCP merchandise and prize support for your event. We are also looking for retailers and local game stores that want to participate in our BCP Retailer Program. For more information contact us at


Press Release article supplied by Paul McKelvey

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