A goofball speaks out.

Alright, I wasn’t going to weigh in at all because I didn’t consider the latest video from SB crew to actually be any relevant news, and I will defend that statement in a moment, but now, I am seeing what I view as an attempt to just create news and buzz and web hits, spiral into EVEN MORE non-news or attempts to drum up and generate web hits, and it comes in the form of someone who studied digital marketing by the name of Daniel Horowitz, this guy:

So first, let’s start off with the fact that this is basically non-news. I truly do not mean any disrespect to Rob or anyone at SB, and I know the joke and truth is that often there is so much click bait coming from that end of the spectrum it’s just gotten beyond ridiculous. When I saw the video pop up and the headline my honest first thought was “Yeah? So what?”, companies get sued all the time, especially large ones, the fact that some man in Florida who runs a game store and has a law degree has decided to make grandiose claims in a lawsuit against a major company is tabloid level stuff. So, I think, whatever I shall watch the video and maybe there are some interesting points, well it of course blows up into this massive online discussion, and people taking sides, and what I think was really meant to be achieved by sharing it at all, was achieved, which was more views, more eyeballs and more traffic at Spikey Bits.

Shoot forward a few days and the video is still being shared in the myriad of 40k groups, sides are being taken, GW is this, GW is that, comment threads are locked and so on. Then I happen to see this :

Um, what the hell? First of all,..the title? What is WITH THE TITLE? “A Former Warhammer Player Speaks Out?” this guy went to college for writing as a simple click of his profile indicates anyway, what are you dude? Like an Enron employee about to spill the real beans on insider trading or something? Are you a former well known competitive player? Are you a former GW store manager, nope, it’s just a dude. It just seems to be super ridiculous, but it gets worse, now this blog post or article or whatever is being shared all over the place and is getting hits and attention. It’s like you can’t stop or hurt Jake Paul no matter how cringey it is because there will always be people that want to go look at the idiocy.

The blog post starts off with “Like many young nerds, I spent too much time (and money) on Games Workshop products. ” Uh, alright, you know no one put a gun to your head and said spend your free time and money,..just..God Damn definition of first world problems.  Let’s move on…”I spent thousands of dollars on amassing armes of Orks, Necrons, Fantasy Orcs, and Dwarves. And I really don’t have anything to show for it.” So you didn’t sell your armies when you quit and gained some of that money spent back? Maybe more since they had been well painted and converted? So the good times you had, being social with other people, meeting new people, and doing something creative and constructive is nothing to show for money spent? Is this guy serious?

“In fact, I wasn’t aware at the time and would now consider that pastiche. It’s just a mashup of the greatest hits of dark sci-fi, much of which is not immediately accessible to the average teenage nerd.” Pastiche, now there is one for your vocabularies folks. Yes, it is no secret that Games Workshop has borrowed elements of sci-fi fantasy from other places, but whether that is actual copyright or intellectual property theft, I am sure the lawyers they employ are paid better to circumnavigate it than any of the arm chair lawyers in comment threads. I am not even saying that GW should not ever be without criticism as someone may say I am doing in this instance, but the sheer ridiculous nature of some of these responses to this “news” is absolutely mind breaking. You know what I find,..”pastiche” writing a piece based on someone else trying to generate web traffic in a lamer attempt at doing so based on a goofy opinion of a game someone no longer plays or cares about to then criticize an entity for their business practices.

As far as talking about the actual video again and some of the points brought up with this case, I like many others highly doubt it is going anywhere or really means anything at all. It is a typical law tactic to simply “sue everyone” when you do file a suit because “someone is going to pay”. I would be surprised if this makes it to any serious stages of consideration of an actual court case, but it did get people talking, and oh boy did it elicit clicks and opinions, can we all get back to battle reports and competition scene news now?

-Inquisitor Nathan.

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